Pure Love

by Cadence Beret

    is what you are made of

Brilliant and sparkly
Different and unique
Sweet and gentle love
    is what you are made of

Every time I think of you
I’m instantly reminded
Of the beauty all around me
And the love inside of me
    I love you my sweetie

Wintertime is nearing, and although it has yet to snow, I picture glittering starlike snowflakes gently tumbling from the sky when I read this poem. And no matter how cold or hardened I may have become, it still warms my heart to think of the person this poem was written for.

Made up of real thoughts and real emotions to describe a real person, Pure Love should certainly reside in the Realism category of Cadent Poems. But it’s clearly described through whimsy and fantasy – two of my favourite things to fall back on when writing poetry. So I lodged it in the Phantasism category along with other fabricated tales made up from bits of reality.

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