Christmas Countdown!

If you caught Snowflake Kisses in last year’s Christmas Countdown – you can catch some more this year!

Starting December 1st, I’ll be counting down the 24 days leading to Christmas by revealing a verse every day from a poem called Snowflake Kisses.

Written for someone very close to my heart, the lines of this poem were drawn from things I love – wintertime, snowflakes, Christmastime, and a drawing made by my daughter when she was young.

Now, if you caught the Christmas Countdown last year, you should know that the verses to this poem haven’t changed, but writing inspiration might have, so I’ll once again be sharing thoughts daily with the goal to write a sentence, a poem, or a tale inspired by a word from each verse.

Join me in this fun writing challenge!

Write anything inspired by a word from each verse and share your creative thoughts, and if you prefer to keep your words and thoughts to yourself, that’s okay too!

Watch for updates posted regularly or visit Cadent Words daily to not miss a single Snowflake Kiss!

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