Christmas Countdown!

Prepare to be kissed by snowflakes!

Snowflake Kisses, a poem made up of 24 verses, will be revealed one line at a time throughout the Christmas Countdown.

With every new verse, I’ll be focussing on a specific word from each verse to write something or anything throughout the countdown. I might write a simple sentence, a frivolous poem, or just a blurb about my day. This writing challenge isn’t very strict or rule-binding, it’s merely intended to keep me occupied throughout a very festive season that might not be as festive as it should for many of us.

The reality of the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic isn’t something I’m oblivious to or unaffected by. I realize how difficult these days are for many people, but I will make a concerted effort to avoid this topic throughout this self-imposed writing challenge. By no means is this meant to ignore the dismal realities we all face, but rather, I prefer to think of it as a mandatory daily dose to prompt positive and fun thoughts to write about.

Consider joining me in this fun writing challenge for a daily Snowflake Kiss. A new verse will be posted daily, and new notes will be added early in the morning for anyone interested to read through. My hope is that this might prompt or inspire, not only myself, but others to express positive and joyful thoughts through their own creative means of expression.

The Countdown to Christmas is on!
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