Christmas Countdown : Verse 6

Today’s sixth verse ties-in with yesterday’s 5th line, bringing the Christmas question that was pondered to not be as grim as it seemed.

“So should there ever be a Christmas where snowflakes do not fall?”

Likely considered grammatically incorrect, joining the fifth and sixth verse forms somewhat of a substantial question. Should I remove “so” from the beginning of this phrase for it to be properly worded? I don’t think so. I prefer to exercise my poetic license and keep it there.

Snowflake, a word previously highlighted in the third verse, is today’s featured word. The only difference is that it’s plural rather than singular:

There’s much more to be said about today’s snowflakes – visit Cadent Words and open the sixth window from the Christmas calendar to read up on this Snowflake Kiss!

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 6

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