Christmas Countdown : 2020

Hello everyone,

I want to let you know about the writing challenge I set myself up for thoroughtout this December – it’s all about christmas, snowflakes, and creative writing.

Starting December 1st I’ve been counting down the days leading to Christmas by revealing a verse every day from a poem called Snowflake Kisses.

Written for someone very close to my heart, this poem was drawn from things I love – wintertime, snowflakes, and Christmastime. Although my creative imagination can sway and swerve in many different directions, this challenge is all about positive, festive, intriguing, and joyful things meant to incite pleasant thoughts and memories.

tap on the image for the beginning of snowflake kisses

With every verse from this poem, I focus on a specific word to write something or anything everyday throughout the countdown. I might write a simple sentence, a frivolous poem, or just a blurb about my day. This writing challenge isn’t very strict or rule-binding, it’s merely intended as a mandatory daily dose to prompt positive and fun thoughts to write about.

Consider joining me in this Christmas Countdown Writing Challenge. Whether you choose to keep your written thoughts to yourself, or if you would like to share them, that’s okay. The point isn’t about gathering and accumulating acknowledgements and responses, its about keeping our minds busy and active during this festive season that is proving to be a very difficult time for many people.

Thoughts can be shared through the crowdsignal survey or they can be entered at the bottom of each post or page as a comment. But please remember, even if you don’t share your thoughts, you can visit Cadent Words any time for a little writing incentive.

Bye for now,

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