Christmas Countdown : Verse 8

Today’s 8th verse groups together four lines to form the second stanza of Snowflake Kisses.

The start of the Christmas Countdown focussed on a shooting star, and just like snowflakes, the word star repeats itself frequently throughout this poem, so today’s 8th verse will focus on a star that is still up in the sky, as opposed to one that is shooting across it.

Likely perceived as fictional, a star named Calla isn’t entirely untrue. Two decades ago, the local space centre where we lived offered gift packages where stars could be adopted and personalized with individual names of your choosing. Although not recognized as an official astronomical designation, when looking up to the sky, I’m often reminded of a gift my mother and I gave to my daughter – a star by the name of Calla.

There’s much more to this star topic than family memories, but for now, I’ll focus on words and languages and leave you with the French translation from the first two stanzas of Snowflake Kisses:

For more on today’s star, tap on the snowflake, for another Snowflake Kiss!

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 8

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