Christmas Countdown : Verse 10

Double digit verses means we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas! Fourteen sleeps until Christmas Eve and fifteen to go until Christmas Day!

Many of the previous verses of Snowflake Kisses were solidly packed with star and snowflake related topics, and this tenth verse is no different. Not unlike the very beginning of the Christmas Countdown, where I selected two words to focus on one thing, I find myself unable to select a unique one from this verse. Therefore, I’ll be focussing on two:

Similar in their meaning but quite different and unique on their own, these two words describe every star and snowflake in this poem. It’s a combination of words borrowed from the drawing featured as the backdrop for the Christmas Countdown calendar. Where it came from is mentioned in the introduction of the Christmas Countdown and there’s much more to be said about it, but for today, I’ll be travelling down a slightly different memory lane – one having to do with a Christmas tree, a star, two of my favourite people, and a hilarious outcome.

Take a snowflake kissed stroll down Cadence’s memory lane as she recalls a Christmas that was all about a very different and unique star:

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 10

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