Christmas Countdown : Verse 11

Verse 11 of Snowflake Kisses doesn’t seem to blend in with the snowflakes and stars of this poem. However, when looking back at Verse 9, it surely implies that it is a different and unique star that holds a recipe, but what kind of recipe could a star hold?

Is it a recipe for success? A recipe for happiness perhaps?

I sure hope so!

Other popular idioms, such as a recipe for trouble or a recipe for disaster are certainly a possibility, but before I get carried away with various possible plots, let me point out today’s obvious word choice:

The recipe for life, a recipe for love, this word is a solid ingredient for so many idioms! Resisting the temptation to cook up a segment about idioms and plots, today’s recipe will focus on Christmas.

Tap on the snowflake to be carried away to the 11th verse of Snowflake Kisses. There’s more on Christmas recipes and the ingredients divulged by Chef Cadence Beret includes a French to English translation made up of a naughty boy and Christmas treats!

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 11

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