Christmas Countdown : Verse 12

Yesterday’s verse highlighting the word recipe, was all about Christmas feasts – but this poem’s recipe is about Snowflake Kisses!

The 12th Verse rings in the 12th day of December – what does this equal to? We’re halfway through to Christmas!

Halfway through to Christmas, halfway through these verses – today’s featured word is, snowflake kisses:

A sweet combination of words that is not found together in English dictionaries, snowflake kisses are a fabrication of the imagination. Unlike snowflake babies (which can be found in Collins English Dictionary), a snowflake kiss is not a medical procedure, but it is a term that has been widely used overtime. When I wrote the poem in 2010, the thought behind the poem, Snowflake Kisses, was meant to send heartfelt love during chilly times to a dearly loved one.

What do snowflake kisses have to do with recipes? Read the first half of this poem to create thoughts of your own!

Visit Verses 1-12 or slide forward to 12 snowy days of a poem collection – there’s more about Snowflake Kisses if you tap right here:

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 12

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