Christmas Countdown : Verse 13

The first half of the poem Snowflake Kisses introduces a shooting star and the possibility that snowflakes might not fall at Christmastime with the hope for snowflake kisses to be whipped up.

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Attempting to explain this whimsical poem written a decade ago isn’t really the intent of this countdown. But while faced with today’s verse, one that is filled with a flurry of fantastic words to choose from, I was clearly reminded of the frenzy of thoughts taking place when I wrote it.

As though a billion snowflakes had been released from a cloud, the flurry of thoughts and words going through my mind at the time, suddenly fell as silent as the snowfall outside.

Today’s word choice describes what that looked like. Today’s word is, white:

White noise silence – where echoes and resonance cease. Where a sense of peace and comfort preside.

As though white feathered angels rested atop white clouds, a fresh snowfall is one of the most peaceful sights and sounds I have ever witnessed.

There’s more on this colourless word called white, visit the 13th verse of Snowflake Kisses to continue with this Christmas Countdown:

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 13

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