Christmas Countdown : Verse 14

The Christmas Countdown drops a new verse every day from the poem Snowflake Kisses, and today it’s a glittering verse with tremendous opportunity to fall into mythical dustings and fantasies.

Fairies, just like stars and snowflakes, take on many shapes and forms. This, combined with streaks of silver dust, can spark visions of shooting stars, reminding me of a question from Verse 6 which I’ve yet to address:

What if the dust particles to which vapour clings to while in the process of becoming a snowflake were remnants of a shooting star?

There was also a very different and unique Christmas Star in Verse 10:

The perfect golden star. Not a glittery shiny polished golden star, this was a slightly tarnished but perfectly shaped gold star. It’s as though it had shot across the sky, rubbed against a few meteors or specks of coal, and had been left with only their dust and not a single dent.

Tempted to select a word with the intent to exercise my imagination through limitless possibilities of fantasy, instead, I’ll focus on the common daily issues surrounding dust.

Today’s dusty topic isn’t about glittering dustings of snow or shiny dustings on silver bells, it’s about everyday dust that accumulates everywhere.

While the dictionary takes us through the various descriptions this word is applied to, Britannica’s encyclopedia leads us towards the stars and Wikipedia attempts to bring us back to earth.

Has a Snowflake Kiss been swept under the rug? Dust through more of today’s notes on the word dust in the fourteenth verse of the Christmas Countdown:

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 14

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