Christmas Countdown : Verse 16

With a total of 24 verses to Snowflake Kisses, the 16th verse and 4th stanza means there are only 2 blocks and 8 lines to go!

Which do you prefer : verses and stanzas or lines and blocks?

Without a preference for either or neither, I tend to go back and forth or to and fro when referring to the grouping of words in a poem.

Meanwhile, thinking I could somehow segue into today’s word choice in the blink of an eye, I find myself struggling to move forward in a smooth and gentle manner.

Having selected the word blink for last year’s Christmas Countdown, this time around, I’ll focus on gentle:

Common denominators within the descriptions for the word gentle, there are few, but for now I’ll focus on its meaning – as in the gentle touch of the hand.

A gentle touch can be perceived as frail and weak, but it can also be thought of as delicate and sweet. A gentle touch can sooth and calm, and it can also caress fondly.

Tempted to slip into the love and romance side of things, which can easily be brought on by a gentle touch, instead I’ll focus on the kindness of a gentle touch. Not so much as a helping hand, but a supportive, caring, and loving one.

Visit Cadent Words for more on today’s gentle touch – there’s more than just words from Cadence, there’s a French translation of Snowflake Kisses, and a lovely French Christmas song to listen to:

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 16

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