Christmas Countdown : Verse 17

Well into the second half of Snowflake Kisses, the star featured in this poem makes another appearance in Verse 17. If you missed the beginning of this Christmas Countdown, select the image highlighted above to see all the verses counted down so far.

How many times has the word star appeared in the verses of Snowflake Kisses?

So far, this star is said to hold the recipe required to whip up snowflake kisses. She has been described as different, unique, strong, magical, and made up of soft white angel feathers and silver fairy dust.

The previous stanza described how time and imagination must have taken place for this star to become all that it is, or does it refer to what is required to whip up snowflake kisses with a very gentle blink?

This is what I love about poetry. A poem can take on a different meaning depending on who is reading it, the time when it is read, and the direction in which the readers imagination leads them. Just like all stars in the universe – the possibilities are endless!

What kind of star is this? How can it be located? Can it really be wished on?

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Snowflake Kisses : Verse 17

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