Christmas Countdown : Verse 19

The 19th Verse of Snowflake Kisses is tempting me to take a nap.

Starting my day relatively early, from 5am to 8am, I focussed on another self-assigned task with a deadline that is slowly approaching. After a quick exercise routine, breakfast, and a shower, I’m now tackling today’s Verse 19.

With the weather outside, not so frightful, but certainly grey and dismal, my eyes want to do nothing more than to slowly close. And so I’ll pause and indulge in what my sensory system is hinting at while I ponder which word I should choose for today’s writing assignment.

– – – PAUSE – – –

Tilting my head back with eyes closed while adjusting my posture is a regular break-time breather. But today, I paused a little while longer while my mind slowly drifted away from this grey hazy day and into today’s chosen word:

Slowly, I pulled back my shoulders and pushed them down gently. This naturally opened-up my chest allowing more air for me to breathe in. Eyes still closed and head fully tilted with my face aligned horizontally to the ceiling, the pull along the front of my neck reminded me to tighten my abdominal core. This slowly and gently adjusted the small curve in my lower back to straighten, leading me upwards (as though growing an inch) closer to the ceiling.

One of the most fulfilling and calming stretches, when performed outside where the ceiling is endless and with more air to breathe, I often want to remain in this position for the entire day.

Seeming to lead into a health and fitness segment, instead I will slowly sway into another direction, towards a handsome shade of grey.

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Snowflake Kisses : Verse 19

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