Christmas Countdown : Verse 20

Verse 20 of Snowflake Kisses, when read on its own, can lead to more than two questions:

What are we covering for two?
Two people or two minutes?

What are we covering them with?
Two hands or two blankets?

When reading today’s line with the other 3 verses of this stanza, it becomes clearer that we’re likely covering our eyes for 2 seconds.

Did you miss the beginning of this poem? Read Verses 1 – 20 of Snowflake Kisses and decide for yourself what is or should be covered with two:

Hesitant to throw myself into a numerical quandary as I did in Verse 18 with the word twelve, it’s impossible for me to resist this single digit temptation. Therefore, the word for today is number two:

Sunday, December 20:
The first in today’s two-digit day, the number two with a zero does not equal twenty but it somehow becomes it.

12 / 20:
The second in this month’s two-digit numerical version of December, the number two stands behind but is still very close to number one, and although it does not equal twelve, it does amount to the twelfth month.

Not only is the number two a primary number in today’s day and month, it also makes a double appearance to indicate the year we have all been through: 2020

12 / 20 / 2020

How do you prefer to write numerical or digital dates? There are so many options to choose from! When mixed and intermingled with written dates, the possibilities with these numbers and words is tremendous. So much so, it can render the simple act of picking a date from the calendar and writing it properly to become quite a conundrum.

If you’re under the impression that I’m heading in two separate directions with today’s number two, you would be entirely correct. Unable to decide which topic to choose, I’m torn apart and my heart is broken in two.

Visit Cadent Words for more on today’s number two – will it be about numerical dating, or two that are about to become one? Whatever the topic may be, there is a poem clip with two versions of Snowflake Kisses – an English and a French one:

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 20

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