Christmas Countdown : Verse 22

Only 3 sleeps until Christmas!

I’m as excited as a kid today! Even though I don’t have anyone to celebrate Christmas with this year, and even though I didn’t get to see the once in a lifetime Christmas Star because the sky was too cloudy, I’m still as tickled and happy as can be!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Just as though I had wished upon a star for snowflakes to fall, while I worked on the last details of the other writing assignment I tasked myself with – snowflakes captivated my eyes as they fell one by one from the sky.

After carefully eyeing more pages to be published, I finally submitted the final issue of Cadent Words’ features & highlights. Now my eyes are very tired, and I would very much like to close them and go to sleep, only to wake up to just two sleeps left until Christmas!

However, I will add a few more lines to today’s 22nd Verse while trying to keep my eyes and my mind focussed.

Visit Cadent Words for more on today’s eye catching topic and enter your thoughts on all that is to be seen and said about eyes in the Snowflake Kisses Writing Challenge:

Snowflake Kisses : Verse 22

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