Dec 25 : Snowflake Kisses

The Snowflake Kisses Christmas Countdown might be over, but there are more snowflake kisses to come!

Scroll down for a winter celebration through Cadence’s Cadent Words:

A tale for little and big kids too, follow this snowflake as it tumbles out of the sky. Catch it before it drifts away! Start with the first part of this fun winter tale to find out where it lands:

Peruse through the last 24 days where every day a word was selected from a verse of Snowflake Kisses to incite a creative writing urge. Drop in for a visit and open a window to the Christmas calendar:

Whether your covered in snow or not, take in this collection of assorted poems with one thing in common – the theme of wintertime snow. Cozy up and swoosh through these 12 Snowy Days:

Still can’t get enough of this wintertime fun? Skate and slide through December’s features & highlights – it’s filled with a snowy wintertime word and theme:

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