Snowflake Tales : Snow Drop

by : Cadence Beret

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be a snowflake tumbling out of the sky? Snowflake Sally may very well have joined other snowflakes before, but this snowfall has her landing in a very different spot.

Follow Snowflake Sally through this fun hockey tale made for little and big kids too!

1 : Snow Drop

A snowflake dropped
From the sky above
Like every snowflake falls
But by a rooftop it was not caught
Nor a tree or a mountaintop

This snowflake was caught
By a little black dot
Known as a hockey puck

As still as a star
On a night sky so dark
It shimmered and glittered so bright

Still stuck to the puck
It swished and it swooshed
From right to left to right

Then it started to slide
And it started to glide
Like when it fell from the sky

But this time around
This snowflake’s ride
Is not a vertical drop
This time around this snowflake’s on
A horizontal one!

Where is this snowflake heading? Visit Cadent Words to go for a snowy Puck Ride and more on this Snowflake Tale!

Snowflake’s Hockey Tale : 1 – 6

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