Snowflake Tales : Snow Clearing

by Cadence Beret

7 : Snow Clearing

With one swift swoosh, snow flew through the air. Not falling from the sky this time, but tossed with velocity from Luke’s shovel as he cleared the sidewalk.

“Hey! What took you so long!?” Kris jested, “I got my sidewalk and driveway cleared out yesterday!”

Luke paused, straightened himself up and leaned on the shovel’s handle, “As you very well know, I’ve been pleasantly preoccupied with more important things!”

Their words crackled across the crisp air and could be seen with every gust of breath blown into white puffy clouds.

“There’s another shovel in the garage, join in on the fun!”

Kris made his way through the snow-covered driveway and briskly started shoveling.

Swish swoosh swish
Snow whispers through the air

Woolgathering and worrying
Peter Puck knows
Snow shuffling sounds
Will soon be closing in

Closer and closer
Closer to him
Sally has become
So dear to him

Then tingle trickle twinkle
Peter Puck chuckles
Amused and delighted by
A frosty tickle

Without breathing a word
Of his worries to Sally
How quickly and so easily
She put his mind at ease

With the simple twinkle
Of a snowflake kiss

“Okay buddy! Driveway’s all done. I even cleared the back of your truck.”

Luke and Kris hooked the shovels up on the garage wall, swiped and brushed the snow off from their pants and coats and headed inside while the garage door rolled down behind them.

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