Snowflake Tales : Frosty Furball

by Cadence Beret

8 : Frosty Furball

“Tucker!” The piercing sound of the young girl’s voice shrilled across the sidewalk as fast as her dog swooshed away. His leather leash bouncing about, Carlie hoped it would distract him, but he was determined to reach his destination.

“It’s okay Cindy, we’ll catch up to him.” Carlie reassured the young girl just as Tucker reached the driveway and hopped into the back of Luke’s truck.

“Woo wee! Here we go!”
Sally exclaimed
“Oh heck! What is this?!”
Startled and surprised
Pete couldn’t help
But to fret a little bit

A warm gush of air
And a fuzzy furry lip
Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Barely hanging on
Were out of the truck
With a fuzzy furball!

Strings of tiny icicles dangled around Tucker’s jaw, with a swift turn, he faced Cindy as he stomped his front paws and playfully pounced in the snow.

“Tucker, drop it!” Cindy’s assertive tone was surprising, but it wasn’t enough to stop this pup’s zeal. With a quick bounce and brisk turn, even he was surprised to see the puck fly!

“Woo! Wee! Yahoo!”
Pete Puck screamed
“This feels exactly like
Zooming across the ice
When we’re playing hockey!”

Bump thump bump
Tumble and roll
Smacked against a tree trunk
Snowflake Sally and Pete’s ride
Came to a sudden stop

Quick on her feet, Cindy grabbed the leash and dug her heels into the snow.

“Tucker! Stop!” She said in frustration. That’s when the pup came to a full stop, and just as quickly, he was happily coaxed to her side. A sharp glance back at the puck, as if to say “so long”, Tucker surrendered and pranced off with Cindy.

“Oh Peter Puck
This is heavenly bliss
Stuck here with you
Outside in the snow
I never ever imagined
Anything like this”

Pete and Sally happily
Spent more time together
Not in a pick-up truck
Or on an ice rink
But stuck together
Underneath a maple tree

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