Snowflake Tales : Snow Puck

by Cadence Beret

14 : Snow Puck

So much fun to be had
On this snowy snow day!

Everyone once again
Gathered in the field
Where Sally and Pete
Are surrounded with friends

Cindy Carlie Luke and Kris
And many many more
Are rolling snowflakes
Into great big snowballs

So much fun to be had
On this snowy snow day!

“Cindy! Cindy! Look what I found!” Her friend Johnny screeched with excitement as he ran towards her.

“Luke! Look! Johnny found your puck!” Cindy, just as thrilled, shouted out and ran alongside Johnny.

“Should I take it to the ice rink for the hockey practice?” Johnny asked Luke while holding on to the puck in his gloved hand.

“You know, I think I have other plans for this puck.” Cindy and her friends all looked at Luke curiously as Johnny handed him the puck.

So much fun to be had
On this snowy snow day!

Big kids and little kids
Skating on the rink
Swishing and sliding
Pucks with hockey sticks

Paul and Patrick
Pierce and Pierre Puck
There’s even a Pauline
And Penelope Puck!

So much fun to be had
On this snowy snow day!

What is Luke going to do with Pete Puck? Where is Snowflake Sally? Is she still stuck on Pete Puck or is she now stuck in Johnny’s glove?!

Tap on the snowflake puck to find out where Pete and Sally end up in the last part of Snowflake’s Hockey Tale!

Snowflake’s Hockey Tale

Snowflake’s Hockey Tale is a short story made up of fifteen quick reads. If you missed the beginning, here’s a list of the snowflake pucks that have been dropped since Christmas Day:

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