22 + four

Night Sky’s Star

I once was the night sky
Who sung you lullabies
I kept you safe and warm
Through all your days and nights
Now that you’re all grown up
You shine so bright through every day
Your colors glow when sun sets fall
You glow through every night

the sun the moon
you shine upon
the blue the black
the skies are yours

Although I know that lullabies
Are no longer required
To get you through the night
I thought I’d write one more
Simply to remind you of
The joy and love we shared
While you were growing up
Still shines inside my heart

Night or darkness is often associated with somber things. Depression is sometimes coined as “darkness”, or being kept from the truth is sometimes called “being in the dark”. Some people associate the color black with all things evil or the devil himself, and as you might recall, I applied “dark matter”, and a “black hole tornado” in some poems as a metaphor for unpleasant things. Furthermore, and sadly enough, black isn’t even considered to be a color, but then again, neither is white.

When considering the color spectrum, if I order a black coffee, do I get an empty cup? And what if the cup is white? Do I end up totally empty handed?

Throughout the days when I applied writing assignments to keep myself busy while unemployed, I looked up colors and the various words used to describe them. Ebony, opal, and sable are all words fitting of the non-color black, but in this poem, the night sky’s darkness is a metaphor for myself and the color of my eyes. As opposed to the clear cerulean blue color of your dad’s eyes, mine are as dark as night – and together, even though we parted a long time ago – we brought out the warmest chestnut eyes in you.

I hope you enjoyed Becoming a Poem : 22 for you – it’s one of the several projects that kept me going through some of the darkest and brightest days and nights.

always and forever … mom x o x

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