About Features & Highlights

Featuring and highlighting words and themes meant to encourage, incite, or inspire myself and others to write on a regular basis was the original driving force to produce these features & highlights. Adding drawings, photos, graphics and colours is just another means to satisfy my creative urges.

The features & highlights from Cadent Words took on different shapes and forms in 2020 as I embarked on designing various formats and images to include with these cadent words. But they all focused on specific themes that have now been translated into categories for Cadent Poems.

1st Trimester

The year started with weekly notes, which were drastically reduced in size due to several limitations, including the introduction of a world health crisis. Formatting pages designed from a desktop computer prooved to require much tweeking for smaller screens, and several adjustments have since been applied to these early features.

2nd Trimester

With extremely limited resources due to the Covid-19 shut down, and without access to a personal computer, springtime’s features & highlights were designed from a very small phone and reduced to bare bones with little to no added images or graphics – but cadent words persisted, and new themes were added.

3rd Trimester

Finally getting around to purchase a small laptop while struggling with spotty wifi and a proper internet connection, the closing of 2020’s features & highlights seem to have somewhat taken-on a format which I strived to attain since the beginning of the year. But I do look forward to designing new and different formats in 2021!

Thank you to everyone who has read through Cadent Words’ features & highlights – I look forward to another year of gaining increased knowledge and understanding on website design and development, while trying to find the time and creative energy to write more cadent words!

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