April 2020

Monet’s Song

Two sunsets

One translucent moon

Every colour of the spectrum

Can be seen tonight

Monet’s song is brushed upon

A silent horizon


The first of seven stanzas, this month’s featured poem sways back and forth through time while moving the reader from an immediate sunset to an old world artist’s canvas.

Included with a compilation titled Becoming a Poem : 22 for you, see Monet’s Song in its entirety here:

Monet’s Song

A note from Cadence:

April 2020 is a challenging month for many people. The severe restrictions we all face due to closures of businesses, schools, and municipal facilities, is drastically affecting many people.

However dire the circumstances may be, I have attempted (after numerous edits and rewrites), to not focus on the current circumstances and struggles we all individually face as we navigate through this national and global crisis. In doing so, I hope readers don’t view this as ignorance or disregard on my part, but perhaps it could be considered as my eager anticipation to move forward while doing so with a clean slate of extremely limited resources.

Without internet access or a computer loaded with adequate software, April’s features are minimal in content and mostly bare of graphic designs. But as frustrating and time consuming it has proven to be, I’m pleased to introduce some new features that might perhaps entertain readers with simple cadent words.

Cadence B.

APRIL 2020

POEM : monet’s song

WORD : etched

THEME : art

DRAWING : etchings

PHOTO : slated sunset

COLOUR : slate

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