Becoming a Poem


Offered as a gift for her daughter’s 22nd birthday, this compilation of poems is more than poetry. It’s the story of a mother who turned to creative writing to express the joys of parenting and as a healing tool while struggling through the damaged relationships of her small family. Mostly though, it’s a testament of endless and enduring love.

Starting with childhood memories and the precious moments shared by mother and child, each poem is accompanied with original drawings and photographs inviting the reader to experience another dimension of the author’s creative expression. In addition to this, notes included by the author carry the reader through the intimate journey of a mother and daughter from the child’s birth through to adulthood.

Spanning over a quarter of a century, Becoming a Poem’s 22 for you soothes with lullabies, moves through difficult times, and reassures how resilience and determination are key factors to endless and enduring love.

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Becoming a Poem : 22 for you

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