Colour : Garnet

Welcome to February’s Cadent Colour

Every month, along with new poems and tales, Cadent Words presents a new colour. This month’s Cadent Colour is better know as a gem than it is a colour, however, according to the Pantone Colour guide, it is an actual recognized colour.

Although I didn’t use the exact colour specs provided by Pantone, I did apply P-19-1655 TPG as a guide to maneuver around different shades of red and pink.

An obvious choice for February’s theme of love, pink and red share many similarities, yet they hold very different qualities and intensities.

Pink, known as the colour of love and romance, also implies femininity and delicacy, and although red is also known for love, it is more intense and often creates feelings of excitement, passion and desire.

But why did I pick the colour garnet instead of crimson or scarlet? I chose the colour garnet because it’s one I hold very close to my heart – and it has more to do with it being a gem that it does the colour.

February’s featured colour isn’t only about pink and red hues – select Page 2 for more about this garnet gem.