Cadent Colour : Mauve

The colour choice for January – mauve – came about somewhat haphazardly.

Wanting to add colour to the white background and gray lines of the drawing included with January’s poems, I also wanted a neutral and cool colour to reflect the stillness of wintertime.

The colour blue initially came to mind, but having already applied it to December themes, I moved on to purple, which I found to be a bit too bright. After several searches through saved colour palettes, there it was, a soft and calming purple called mauve.

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks into January when I looked into this colour to discover the meaning and history behind it. I started my search with none other than my trusted and reliable friend, Merriam Webster. Yep, call me a word nerd, I always start with the dictionary!

I have to admit, there wasn’t much in Merriam’s two definitions for me to get excited about. But I persisted until I reached the history and etymology of mauve, and there it was – the word mallow. A lovely mauve flower which led me to write a poem about Miss Mallow.

There’s more to the colour mauve than Cadent Word’s colour scheme.

Keep reading for a brief mauve history!