Image : Apricitied

The drawing selected for February, is one I drew in 2016. Drawn after several poems were written, it was also inspired by the word apricity.

As mentioned in previous notes, while living in cramped spaces, my exercise routine took place outside. Oftentimes before sunrise, whenever the weather allowed and the rising sun could be seen, I would often bask in its glow once my routine was done.

If you glimpsed through January’s pages, the drawing Cadences is explained as being somewhat of a self-portrait. February’s Apricitied is very much like that as well.

Although taken from a different location and as abstract as it may be, it was drawn while thinking of the times I would lean back against the metal posts of a pier while enjoying the bliss of the sun shining on me and warming me.

In celebration of February’s love theme, I added a few more heartfelt images to February’s Image page.

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View the featured colour for this love themed month – a garnet gem:

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