Theme : Love

February’s Cadent Theme is all about love.

With the long-time celebration of Valentine’s Day, and the more recent addition of Family Day, what else could February’s theme be based on?

From love songs to love stories, love is said to make the world go round. However lovely that may sound, the realist in me knows that many other forces are involved in the spinning of our world.

But as much of a realist I occasionally allow myself to be, I much prefer to be a romantic.

Thinking of love as the factor for our world to spin may lead some to the word swooning. However, if considering love for what it is, whether it be the love of a mother, the love of a spouse, or the love of food – love certainly can take a very different spin on its very own word and meaning!

Now, what if those three examples of love were to no longer be – wouldn’t your world somewhat stop spinning?

February’s love theme is a preliminary step in the development of Cadent Words. Eventually, the love poems shared this month, along with others, will be categorized under Romanticism.

From the most sublime virtue to the deepest interpersonal affection or the simplest pleasure, love is known as feelings of strong attraction and emotional attachment to someone or something. Now, as many themes or categories there may be in writing, I have to admit that romance and love is one of my favourite.

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Next month introduces a new theme from which poems, tales, colours and words are influenced and inspired by nature.

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Cadent Theme : Love

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