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Fuliginous Friday

Another week comes to and end, and there is no line on the horizon.

“No Line on the Horizon” – a line borrowed from U2, you might also feel fuliginous on this Friday if you’ve been smothered in fog all week.

I refer to it as fog, but it has been reported as smoke from fires. Luckily, not too close to where I am.

Nevertheless, whether it be fog or smoke, I quite like the view when looking out on the water and the line delineating the ocean from the sky can’t be seen.

Not to make light of the somber circumstances many people are facing, but I do try to stay positive, no matter how dreich and dreary a situation might be.

Working on new features and highlights while focussing on a new theme – I sunk into somberness tenebrifically this week, and I think it’s time for me to take a serious dance break to U2’s No Line on the Horizon.

Follow Cadence through this tenebrific journey and be enlightened while exploring the theme of somberness:

Catch all features highlighting the theme of somberness – there’s a tenebrific word, a tenebrous drawing, and much more dark matter to peruse through!

POEM : stars

WORD : tenebrific

THEME : somberness

DRAWING : tenebrous toes

PHOTO : night sky’s star

COLOUR : sable

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My Father’s Day

Author : Cadence Beret

Mourning a Father’s Passing

Although my father passed away more than two decades ago, I recall how difficult it was to get through the first Father’s Day after his passing. But with every year that’s gone by, I’ve come to appreciate and love him more.

Very much aware of how everyone’s lives differ and how each person grieves differently, I hope it brings some small comfort to some in knowing that, for me, the love and the memories my father and I shared, has only grown stronger.


When you passed away
I was far away
At the time I was told
Irises meant to remember
A symbol of remembrance
Purple flowering irises
I sent to be with you
To rest by your side

When you passed away
I was far away
I wasn’t there to see you off
Instead of I by your side
Irises were laid
To let passersby know
I’d always remember
I’d never forget you

Then now and forever
You are my only iris
Then now and forever
I love and remember you
Then now and forever

Iris is one of a small collection of poems featured in Family Garden. Please visit CadentWords to view the Introduction and select from the Table of Contents for your next garden inspired poem:

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Happy Father’s Day

Author : Cadence Beret


Your roots reach far and wide
Below the underground
Holding the soil together
For us to bloom upon

Your canopy’s expanse
Provides comfort and shelter
From excessive temperatures
Throughout every season

You are solid tall and strong
A natural protector
Rugged and elegant
Sturdy and handsome

You grow and keep on reaching
For the sky above
While protecting us constantly
To bloom in all our beauty

One of a small collection of poems featured in Family Garden, please click here for more garden inspired poetry:

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Cadent Colour : Sun

sun colour palette

From sunbow to sunbeam and sunburst to sunbaked – pick up on Cadence’s notes about this month’s sunny colour palette and view other featured highlights too!

sunbow : #f6f7d5

sunbeam : #fbe185

sunburst : #dfa345

sunbaked : #523507

Click here for more:

COLOUR : sun

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Cadent Photo : Sunglow Star

photo by cadence

At Cadent Words, this month’s features and highlights revolve around truth and reality – and as surreal as this photo might seem, it’s actually truly real.

Visit Cadent Words for more about this sunglowing star, and catch up on other featured highlights too!

PHOTO : sunglow star

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Cadent Image : Truths


Likely the most realistic of abstract self-portraits drawn over the years, this featured drawing was created for a poem that’s just as truthful in expression – this month’s featured poem, Newborn Beach.

For more about this drawing or for other drawings by Cadence, please select from the following tabs:

IMAGE : truths

Cadent Art

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Ocean Air : Paroxysmal Delight


there are no words to describe
the absolute bliss
the sense of completeness
when every particle within
in and all around me
and then subside

Paroxysmal Delight, as the title suggests, takes on sensual tones while moving from a breeze to the sea in wavelike motions.

One of a collection of poems gathered in Ocean Air, this romantic and sensual poem has much more to it than these 8 lines.

Visit Ocean Air to view Paroxysmal Delight in its entirety along with other ocean and air inspired poems:

Ocean Air : Introduction

Paroxysmal Delight

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Cadent Theme : Reality


really real


reality is real

Although not designated as synonyms for one another, this month’s featured word and theme (truth & reality) could very well be twins.

The dictionary describes both truth and reality with words such as, real things and real events, but the reality is, this segment isn’t about the word reality, but reality as a theme, and how it relates to poetry.

Exerpts from the first of a 3-part segment, be sure to visit Cadent Words for more truth about this month’s reality and other highlights too!

THEME : reality

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