Pure Love

by Cadence Beret

    is what you are made of

Brilliant and sparkly
Different and unique
Sweet and gentle love
    is what you are made of

Every time I think of you
I’m instantly reminded
Of the beauty all around me
And the love inside of me
    I love you my sweetie

Wintertime is nearing, and although it has yet to snow, I picture glittering starlike snowflakes gently tumbling from the sky when I read this poem. And no matter how cold or hardened I may have become, it still warms my heart to think of the person this poem was written for.

Made up of real thoughts and real emotions to describe a real person, Pure Love should certainly reside in the Realism category of Cadent Poems. But it’s clearly described through whimsy and fantasy – two of my favourite things to fall back on when writing poetry. So I lodged it in the Phantasism category along with other fabricated tales made up from bits of reality.

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I like that you’re so tall and strong
So when I reach to you
I have something solid
That I can hold on to

Once again I see you
Without me by your side
And I wonder why
It is she and not I
Who is always by your side

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Naughty or Nice?

Why not both!

Sensualism at Cadent Words is pleasantly playful flirtatious fun. Whether you’re dressing up or not this Halloween, take a minute to take-in this nice and naughty bit of poetry:

I thought of adding colours, a sound bite, and an amusing image to go with it, but instead, I left it to bare words for readers to hear and see whatever the imagination pleases.

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What is a Sensual Ism?

A sensual ism, just like every other category at Cadent Words, is an essential part of creative writing.

A new category recently added to the Cadent Poem pages of Cadent Words, slip into something comfortable and slide into poems gathered in a sweet and sultry category.

There’s a Blissful Wordsmith, a French Maiden, and more to pleasantly kerfuffle the senses in the Sensualism category of Cadent Poems:

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Thanksgiving Weekend

Colder weather and autumn colours arrive earlier for some of us, and so does Thanksgiving.

Our neighbours south of the border may have to wait until November, but after a sunny summer season, this weekend brings a holiday where most Canadians celebrate indoors rather than out in the great outdoors.

Although I’m not planning a Thanksgiving celebration this year, I am thankful to have an indoor space to keep me dry and warm – just like Gordy the mouse does, I’m sure.

Fall into Cadence’s quick and fun reads to kick off Canada’s Thanksgiving long weekend:

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Clunkering Cadence

Starting my day at 3am is a great way to make a day last forever.

After writing and researching words for a couple of hours, I tucked myself back into bed for a couple more. By the time I got out the door for a refreshing morning walk, construction along the seawall had already begun.

Adept at ignoring unpleasant things, I blocked it out and enjoyed the view of the ocean.

Once I reached the top of the small incline indicating my turnaround, I paused for a stretch directly above the magnanimous mechanical equipment pounding the pavement and excavating the ground, which led me to recall a piece I wrote several years ago:

Now back into my comfortable abode, I can still hear the sounds of construction, but I realize that it’s temporary – just like everything else is.

Thinking back, I’m reminded of how I came up with the title for this poem by starting off with the word veracity while thinking of a hammer. Of course, Peter Gabriel tuned into my head with his Sledgehammer, which asserted my choice to go with a Veracious Sledgehammer.

One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, it was decades ago when my brother, sister and I sang and danced from the top of our benches. Together, I’m quite certain we were louder than this morning’s construction sounds.

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Sundered Sunday

Sundering might be thought of as an extreme term to describe how I have to break-down my day to get all the things I want to get done today, but considering how I’m still locked-in dark matter, I think it’s quite fitting.

Pummeling through words and poems while working on the new category added to Cadent Poems, somber words keep swirling though my head like a black-hole tornado!

Reviewing pieces which I categorized as somber tends to dredge up some rather dire and dismal memories. But it does remind me of how resilient I am and how resorting to simple things, such as music, dancing, and writing, can sometimes pull me through.

Sundering sundries on a sunless Sunday, I was led to another piece written quite a while ago during a time when I mused on the word swoon.

You might have previewed the bright side of a swooner when love and romance was featured in February, and yes, there is a dark side to this swooner too.

Well, I think it’s time for a nice hot cup of coffee. I like a dark roast in a fresh white cup – no sugar, no milk, but I might add some maple syrup to sweeten things up.

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Satired Saturday

Sprightly excited to wake up to a clear view of the sky, I’m still somewhat tired after a very long Fuliginous Friday.

Nevertheless, I’m eager to get outside after reading a few posts and reviewing this short tale I recently added to the collections of Cadent Poems.

Inspired by an old world poet named Pindar, this quirky tale involves a character implied to be of Pindaric lineage.

Take a few minutes out of this Satirical Saturday for a quick Pindaric read:

7 : Pindaric Sting

by Cadence Beret

Unconscious lying on the grass
The shadow above her
Leaned-in closer and closer
As her eyes slowly opened

Light-headed dazed confused
She asked “Who are you?”
But she couldn’t hear a thing
Cuz of a buzzing in her ear

He held out his hand
To help her off the grass
She kindly accepted
And the buzz suddenly stopped

She bounced up and hurled
Expletive-filled verses
While the bumble bee’s sting
Drilled deep into her ear

#7 is a just peek of this 10-piece collection – catch all of this Pindaric tale by visiting Cadent Words:

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My Father’s Day

Author : Cadence Beret

Mourning a Father’s Passing

Although my father passed away more than two decades ago, I recall how difficult it was to get through the first Father’s Day after his passing. But with every year that’s gone by, I’ve come to appreciate and love him more.

Very much aware of how everyone’s lives differ and how each person grieves differently, I hope it brings some small comfort to some in knowing that, for me, the love and the memories my father and I shared, has only grown stronger.


When you passed away
I was far away
At the time I was told
Irises meant to remember
A symbol of remembrance
Purple flowering irises
I sent to be with you
To rest by your side

When you passed away
I was far away
I wasn’t there to see you off
Instead of I by your side
Irises were laid
To let passersby know
I’d always remember
I’d never forget you

Then now and forever
You are my only iris
Then now and forever
I love and remember you
Then now and forever

Iris is one of a small collection of poems featured in Family Garden. Please visit CadentWords to view the Introduction and select from the Table of Contents for your next garden inspired poem:

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Happy Father’s Day

Author : Cadence Beret


Your roots reach far and wide
Below the underground
Holding the soil together
For us to bloom upon

Your canopy’s expanse
Provides comfort and shelter
From excessive temperatures
Throughout every season

You are solid tall and strong
A natural protector
Rugged and elegant
Sturdy and handsome

You grow and keep on reaching
For the sky above
While protecting us constantly
To bloom in all our beauty

One of a small collection of poems featured in Family Garden, please click here for more garden inspired poetry:

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