Snowflake Tales : Dec 9

Part 1 : SnowDrop

A snowflake dropped
From the sky above
Like every snowflake falls
But by a rooftop it was not caught
Nor a tree or a mountaintop

This snowflake was caught
By a little black dot
Known as a hockey puck

As still as a star
On a night sky so dark
It shimmered and glittered so bright

Still stuck to the puck
It swished and it swooshed
From right to left to right

Then it started to slide
And it started to glide
Like when it fell from the sky

But this time around
This snowflake’s ride
Is not a vertical drop
This time around this snowflake’s on
A horizontal one!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 10

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Part 2 : PuckRide

A shock of a smack
She held on tight
To the puck as it hovered across
A thick frosty block of ice

She liked this ride with the puck
Cuz they flew across with such ease
And at such an exciting speed

But then a sudden smack
Just like a leather slap
She and the puck got caught
In what’s known as a goalie’s glove

Cozy and dark and warm
She couldn’t help but fear
That soon her end would near

Her frosty tips quickly melted away
She slid and she slode on the puck
Then low and behold
Bright light and air so cold
And another vertical drop

She landed fast and smack-dab flat
On the frosty block of ice
With her brand new pal the puck

There they both chilled until
He introduced himself
“Hello my name is Peter Puck
Who are you and where do you come from?”

“Pleased to meet you Mr. Peter Puck
My name is Snowflake Sally
I come from up above”

And so they became acquainted
While the players slid away
Had they both been forgotten
To freeze the night away?

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 11

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Part 3 : IceBlock

Snowflake Sally and Peter Puck
Where both quite happy to be
Chilling on the icy block
While the players were away

“You guys don’t mind if I watch for a while do you!?”

Surprised by the sound of her voice, the goalie dropped the puck from his glove. All the other players, also caught up by the joyful sound of her voice, turned to look her way.

“It’s just so exciting to see a game on an outdoor rink! Haven’t seen one since I was a kid!”

The goalie stood in a daze, looking in her direction, while the players chuckled as they slowly skated towards her. All except for one of them.

Luke snapped back quickly to finish what he had started. No less than a second went by, with a quick swoosh of the blades, the puck was right back on the tip of his hockey stick.

Swish swoosh swish swoosh
“Hey Sally! Are you with me?!”
Snowflake Sally’s head veered
Left to right to left

Sliding through the nippy air
Sally held on tight
“I’m right here with you Pete!”
And that’s when they started gliding

The effortless swift flip of his hockey stick sent the puck floating right into the center of the hockey net. That’s when the goalie snapped out of his frozen gaze, and pulled the mask off his face.

“Hey! Come on! That’s not a fair shot!”

Luke chuckled with pride, “You bet it is! Now it’s a tie!”

The mix of yay’s and nay’s filtered across the nippy air while all the players huddled in the center of the ice. All except for one of them.

“Woo-oo-oo wee!”
Exclaimed Snowflake Sally
“I really like this game!”
Peter Puck laughed
“Just always hold on tight!”

They both sat back comfortably
In the goalie’s net
And took up where they left off
From their last brief visit

Her brow slightly furled in a curious stare, she inched closer to the ice rink, “Kris? Is that you? Kris?”

Was it confusion or disbelief? She hadn’t seen her brother in more than ten years. Uncertain if it was him, she kept heading closer to the ice. With every crunch of her snowy step, she became more certain it was him.

“Carlie?” He completely ignored the hustle and bustle coming from the players as he slid across the ice towards her.

“Carlie. Is that really you?”

Gloves off, mask off, he wrapped his arms around her for a great big hug.

Chit chat chitty chat
Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Could not get enough
Of the fun they both were having
Still stuck together
On this chilly block of ice

Kris and Carlie, both so happy to see each other, would have liked to spend the rest of the day visiting and catching up. But the players insisted on finishing the game, and Carlie agreed he should do so, as long as he promised to win it and meet up with her later.

This worked out perfectly because Carlie had started her Christmas baking and she had to get the cookies wrapped up and sent off before the Christmas delivery deadline.

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 12

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Part 4 : SnowKiss

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Sat back comfortably
In the goalie’s net
But before they even knew it
Back in the game they were

“Okay boys! Let’s make this a quick and easy overtime!” One of the players larked.

“Yeah! Kris wants to go visit his sister to eat some Christmas cookies!” Another player hollered. The air cracked with laughter as the sticks snapped to the ice.

Kris rolled his eyes in disbelief as he wondered; How old are these grown men I’m playing with? But even with all this joshing, there was no distracting him. Focused and ready to guard his team’s net – gloves on, mask on, stick on the ice – the overtime play was quick, but the puck didn’t end up in his net this time.

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
On the ice once more
At the other end of the rink
For the other team’s goal

Seeming somewhat worried
Pete asked kindly
“Hey Snowflake Sally
Are you okay?”

“Yeah! That was great fun!
But I’m feeling kinda warm now”
That’s when they both looked up
To see the glowing sun

Feeling somewhat helpless
All Pete Puck could do
Was reassure her
As he tried to comfort her

“Woohoo!” The winning team hollered, “Quick one and we won!”

The players skated in line for the traditional end-of-the-game handshake and then gathered by the edge of the ice rink to pack up their gear. Off with the skates to quickly put on boots, the cold air refreshed them after a quick heated game.

Camaraderie persisted and filled the air with puffs of warm breath, while the rustle and clamor of pads and helmets being shoved into bags, snapped like crisp ice. All packed up and done, they walked off in one big mass, and the ice rink suddenly fell silent.

Thump thump thump thump
What is that sound?
Is it Snowflake Sally’s heart
Beating out loud?

Pete was really worried
But never let it show
He coaxed her into thinking of
Mounds of snow

“Just think it and you’ll feel it”
He convincingly said
“I’m thinking it I’m thinking it
But I don’t think I feel it!”

Finally and quickly
They were lifted off the ice
Not by a goalie’s glove
But by a player’s hand

“Hey Luke! Did you get your lucky puck?” Kris asked jokingly.

“You bet I did. I’m not letting this one go! Even if we lost today, that was one sweet goal!”

He tossed the puck in the back of his pick-up truck and waved for Kris to join him.

“So where’s your sister’s place? Hop in I’ll drop you off.”

Cool brisk fresh cold air
Swiveled and swerved
All over and all around
Sally and Pete Puck

“Phew!” Sally exhaled
Then took in the frosty air
“That was a close one!”
They both agreed with glee

Then tingle trickle twinkle
Pete Puck chuckled
Amused and delighted by
A frosty tickle

“Thank you Peter Puck
For getting me through that”
That’s when she thanked him with
A snowflake kiss

Will the weather stay cold enough for Snowflake Sally and Peter Puck to enjoy more winter fun?

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 13

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Part 5 : TruckRide

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Are happily still stuck
Together in the back of Luke’s
Pick-up truck

Kris opened the door, but before stepping out, he turned back and asked, “Hey Luke, why don’t you come in and join us?”

“Aw, thanks buddy. Are you sure? I mean, you haven’t seen your sister in a decade. You two have lot’s of catching up to do.”

“Yeah, you’re right, we do. But if I know my sister, she love’s extra company. So, come on in and join us.”

Luke gladly accepted the invitation, turned off the engine, and stepped out of the truck.

Thump thump crunch thump
Crunch crunch thump
Were those Luke’s footsteps
Or Pete Puck’s beating heart?

“Sweet Snowflake Sally
Thank you for that kiss
I never ever expected
Anything like this”

The crunch of footsteps faded
That is when Pete Puck
New this sweetheart crush
Was not a fading one

Then in a sudden rush
Snowflake Sally blushed
“Oh Peter Puck
Again I’m all warmed up!”

But this time around
The sun wasn’t glowing
And as warm as she felt
Luckily she wasn’t melting

“Woo! Wee! Sally!
Look up and see!”
Up flashed her frosty lashes
Could it really be?

Carlie stood impatiently at the edge of the open door. Waving them both to hurry in, with only warm socks at her feet, she could no longer wait. Out she was on the frosty porch to hug her brother once more.

She pulled back slightly from the warm hug to take a close look at him, “I still can’t believe you’re here!”

“I know! It’s been so long! But hey, you don’t mind if Luke joins us do you?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, she led them both inside. Luke and Kris peeled off their coats, took off their boots and followed her into the kitchen. Uncertain which reached them first, Carlie’s warm welcome, the heartwarming scent of simmering stew or the sweetness of fresh baked cookies – there was no hesitation from either one when she offered them a seat at the kitchen counter.

“Take a seat you two. You must be famished after that game.”

The late afternoon quickly turned to evening. But even after sunset, the darkened sky lit up.

Luke and Kris and Carlie
Inside warm and cozy
While Sally and Pete Puck
Happily chilled in the truck

That is when everyone
Looked up to see

One two three four
And so many many more
Came down slowly silently
To join everybody

That’s it for this Snowflake’s Hockey Tale for now!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 14


Snowflake’s Hockey Tale : POSTPONED!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 15


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