Snowflake Tales : PAUSED?

Please remember this:
A pause is only temporary
Snow has stopped falling
Soon Luke will be shoveling
Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Will be back Monday morning!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 16

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Part 6 : SnowGathering

Pete Puck is woolgathering
While Sally is snowgathering
With all the new friends
That dropped-in on the weekend

Pete Puck is woolgathering
Diddling dawdling daydreaming
Pete Puck is woolgathering

Pete’s dreaming of the fun
They’ll soon both have again
At the next hockey game
Coming ‘round before the weekend!

Is this a hockey tale?
Or is this about two friends?

Peter Puck is worrying
‘Cuz soon the snow will clear
And they’ll both end up
In Luke’s hockey gear!

Worry worry
Peter Puck is worrying
Fretting fussing fearing
Peter Puck is worrying

He can’t help himself but think
Without saying it out loud
“A duffel bag sweet Sally
Is not where you belong”

Is this a hockey tale?
Or is this a dicey romance?

It’s inevitable! Luke will certainly have to clear the snow that piled up in the back of his pick-up truck! But what will happen to Sally when Luke sees his lucky puck?

Certainly, he won’t leave Peter Puck in the back of his truck! Will Sally part with Pete and stick with her new snowy friends?

Stick around and follow these posts – there’s more of Snowflake’s Hockey Tale coming soon!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 17

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Part 7 : SnowClearing

Swoosh! Snow flew through the air. Not falling from the sky this time, but tossed with velocity from Luke’s shovel as he cleared the sidewalk.

“Hey! What took you so long!?” Kris jested, “I got my sidewalk and driveway cleared out yesterday!”

Luke paused, straightened himself up and leaned on the shovel’s handle, “As you very well know, I’ve been pleasantly preoccupied with more important things!”

Their words resonated clearly across the crisp air and could be seen with every gust of breath blown into translucent puffs of clouds.

“There’s another shovel in the garage, join in on the fun!”

Kris made his way through the snow-covered driveway and briskly started shoveling.

Swish swoosh swish
Snow whispers through the air

Woolgathering and worrying
Peter Puck knows
Snow shuffling sounds
Will soon be closing in

Closer and closer
Closer to him
Sally has become
So dear to him

Then tingle trickle twinkle
Pete Puck chuckles
Amused and delighted by
A frosty tickle

Without breathing a word
Of his worries to Sally
How quickly and so easily
She put his mind at ease

With the simple twinkle
of her snowflake kiss

“Okay buddy! Driveway’s all done. I even cleared the back of your truck.”

Luke and Kris hooked the shovels up on the garage wall. Swiping and brushing the snow off from their pants and coats, they headed inside while the garage door rolled down behind them.

! ! !  What happened to Sally and Pete ? ? ?

Is this the end of Snowflake’s Hockey Tale?

Find out tomorrow in Part 8 : FrostyFurball!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 18

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Part 8 : FrostyFurball

“Tucker!” The piercing sound of a young girl’s voice shrilled across the sidewalk as fast as her dog swooshed away. His leather leash bouncing about, Carlie hoped it would distract him, but determined he was to reach his destination.

“It’s okay Cindy, we’ll catch up to him.” Carlie reassured the young girl, just as Tucker reached the driveway and hopped into the back of Luke’s truck.

“Woo wee! Here we go!”
Sally exclaimed
“Oh heck! What is this?!”
Startled and surprised
Pete couldn’t help
But to fret a little bit

A warm gush of air
And a fuzzy furry lip
Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Barely hanging on
Were out of the truck
With a fuzzy furball!

Strings of tiny icicles dangled around Tucker’s jaw. With a swift turn, he teasingly faced Cindy as he stomped his front paws and playfully pounced in the snow.

“Tucker. Drop it!” Cindy’s assertive tone was surprising, but it wasn’t enough to stop this pup’s zeal. With a quick bounce and brisk turn, even he was surprised to see the puck fly!

“Woo! Wee! Yahoo!”
Pete Puck screamed
“This feels exactly like
Zooming across the ice
When we’re playing hockey!”

Then bump thump bump
Tumble and roll
Smacked against a tree trunk
Snowflake Sally and Pete’s ride
Came to a sudden stop

Quick on her feet, Cindy grabbed the leash and dug her heels into the snow.

“Tucker! Stop!” She said in frustration. That’s when the pup came to a full stop, and just as quickly, he was happily coaxed to her side. A sharp glance back at the puck, as if to say “so long”, Tucker surrendered and pranced off with Cindy.

“Oh Peter Puck
This is heavenly bliss
Stuck here with you
Outside in the snow
I never ever imagined
Anything like this”

Pete and Sally happily
Spent more time together
Not in a pick-up truck
Or on an ice rink
But still stuck together
Next to a maple tree

There’s still more to come!

Peter Puck and Sally Snowflake’s adventures are not over! Soon, everyone will be back on the ice rink for a pre-Christmas game. But will Luke ever reclaim his lucky puck? Or will Pete and Sally be left to vacation in their new winter haven?

Follow these posts and bookmark the website for more Snowflake Tales!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 19

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Part 9 : WinterHaven

Peter Puck and Snowflake Sally
Are happy and cozy
Still stuck together
Under a maple tree

Dustings of snow
Brushed by a winter breeze
Fall like white angel feathers
Covering them gently

Protected by a winterberry
And snow surrounding them
As well as the solid trunk
Of a maple tree

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Slept soundly through the night
Until morning’s glittering snow
Was touched by the sun

“What is that sound?”
Sally asks sleepily
Slowly waking up

“Hmm look at that
Looks like the neighbor’s cat”
Peter Puck looked to the side
And then he looked up

Up towards the maple tree’s
Branch-filled crown
Where birds chirped and chittered
And tweeted joyfully

This is when Peter Puck
No longer could hold on
To all the joy and happiness
Brewing inside of him

“Sweet Snowflake Sally
I must admit
I never ever imagined
Feeling like this”

Pete took a deep breath
And gathered his thoughts

“I always and forever thought
The best thing of all
Was to be swept across the ice
Throughout a hockey match”

He paused and looked into
Her twinkling eyes

“But this Snowflake Sally
This is bliss
Being here with you
Just like this”

That’s when Snowflake Sally
Sighed and giggled lightly
Warmed and delighted
By a Peter Puck kiss

Well, well! It looks like this is a winter romance after all!

Who could’ve thought a hockey puck and a snowflake would hit it off and fall for each other like this?

But is this the end of this snowflake hockey romance?

No it isn’t – not quite yet.

There’s a hockey game coming up and Luke is just about to send out a search party to find his lucky puck!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 20

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Part 10 : RescueParty

“Yeah!” Kris belted and jumped out of his seat. Luke’s arms up in the air, hollers rang in unison as one of the teams scored.

Kris and Luke both looked forward to their Saturday hockey game, and they considered Friday night’s get-together mandatory. Watching the national league wasn’t just a past-time, they figured it was part of their training schedule. So they met-up at the local pub where other team members gathered to watch the pros.

With a zero to one score, the first intermission came up at the right time to order food.

“Hey isn’t Carlie joining us?” One of the players asked.

“She’s taking Cindy and Tucker out for a play in the snow – she should be here soon.” Kris mentioned.

Beer glasses clinked and plates were soon on the tables, just in time for the second period to start.

“So what did I miss?” Carlie joined Luke and Kris, pulled up a chair and looked at the score board.

“Other than ordering dinner? Looks like only one score.” She said teasingly.

Luke waved for the waiter, and before another score for the team, Carlie’s plate was on the table.

“Hey, you won’t believe what we found!” She said cheerfully before taking a bite of food.

“Mmm, this is a good one!” Commenting quickly on the burger, she went on about the search for Luke’s lucky puck.

Kris hadn’t noticed
Luke’s lucky puck
Stuck in the back
Of his pick-up truck

But Tucker the pup
Was quick to jump up
In the back of the truck
And pull it out

Only for Pete Puck
To be dropped again
Not on the ice
But in a pile of snow

Luke certain where
He’d left it last week
Couldn’t understand
How Kris could’ve missed it

He searched hi and low
‘Cuz little did he know
Tucker had dropped it
In the snow

So when Cindy and Carlie
Heard of Luke’s distress
They recalled Tucker’s romp
And frolic in the snow

That’s when they headed out
With Tucker the pup
And found Luke’s lucky puck
Where it was last dropped

“There you go buddy!” Kris said jokingly, “You got your lucky puck back, so you better score tomorrow!”

Other team members had gathered around to listen-in. Distracted by Luke’s lucky puck search and rescue efforts, they all missed the next goal on the big screen!

But where did Carlie and Cindy leave the puck?

Did they bring it in the house where it will certainly be too warm for Sally?

Find out tomorrow if Snowflake Sally will be there for the hockey game with Peter Puck!

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Snowflake Tales : Dec 21

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Part 11 : BumpyRide

Snowflake Sally and Pete Puck
Are once again stuck
In the back of Luke’s truck
Thanks to Tucker the pup
Who picked them both up
And then dropped them in a wallop!

“Gosh Pete Puck
I’m sure glad you’re so tough
And can handle being tossed
And tussled all around
‘Cuz if I’d been on my own
For sure I’d be long gone!”

“Sweet Snowflake Sally
There is no other way
For a puck like me to be
I’m just glad you’re here with me
When you could so easily
Drift away from me”

Roar rattle tumble
The end of their blissful
Snowy cuddle
Was roused by the bumble
Of the engine’s rumble
As they drove off in a bungle

“Hold on tight Sally!”
Pete Puck exclaimed
“Looks like it’s time
For another hockey game!”
“Woo! Wee! Yippeee!”
Sally hollered with glee

Just like Pete and Sally
Hold on tight and patiently
Because tomorrow’s story
Will not only be snowy
And not only about hockey
But full of friends and family!

Phew! I’m sure glad Pete and Sally are sticking together and that Tucker the pup found them again!

But who will be joining them at the hockey game?

Find out tomorrow! There’s more to come of Peter Puck & Snowflake Sally’s fun Snowflake Tale!

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