Christmas Countdown


The Christmas Countdown at Cadent Words is all about creative writing. From December 1st to December 24th, I’ll be counting down the 24 days leading to Christmas by revealing a verse every day from a poem called Snowflake Kisses.

Written for someone very close to my heart, this poem, made up of 24 verses, was drawn from things I love – wintertime, snowflakes, Christmastime, and a drawing made by my daughter when she was young.

With every verse, I’ll be focussing on a specific word from each verse to write something or anything throughout the countdown. I might write a simple sentence, a frivolous poem, or just a blurb about my day. This writing challenge isn’t very strict or rule-binding, it’s merely intended as a mandatory daily dose to prompt positive and fun thoughts to write about.

Consider joining me in this fun writing challenge for a daily Snowflake Kiss. A new verse will be posted daily, and new notes will be added every morning.

Return to the top and open a window from the calendar for a Snowflake Kiss:

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