Dec 10 : different & unique

December 10 : Verse 10

Double digit verses means we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas! Fourteen sleeps until Christmas Eve and fifteen to go until Christmas Day!

Many of the previous verses of Snowflake Kisses were solidly packed with star and snowflake related topics, and this tenth verse is no different. Not unlike the very beginning of the Christmas Countdown, where I selected two words to focus on one thing, I find myself unable to select a unique one from this verse. Therefore, I’ll be focussing on two:

Similar in their meaning but quite different and unique on their own, these two words describe every star and snowflake in this poem. It’s a combination of words borrowed from the drawing featured as the backdrop for the Christmas Countdown calendar. Where it came from is mentioned in the introduction of the Christmas Countdown and there’s much more to be said about it, but for today, I’ll be travelling down a slightly different memory lane – one having to do with a Christmas tree, a star, two of my favourite people, and a hilarious outcome.


My mother had flown across the country to visit for the holidays, my daughter was busy with dance classes and concert recitals for school, and I was working every day while simultaneously planning several events to entertain friends, while attending a few mandatory ones. Then suddenly, it was the day before Christmas Eve and I realized I had yet found the tree-topper I was determined to get for our Christmas tree.

Coming up with a new Christmas theme to decorate our tree every year, my daughter and I had gone through many. Starting with an all-natural popcorn garland and eggshell bobbled tree adorned with pretzel snowflakes, to an all red and white wooden ornament tree, this particular year was a star and snowflake tree. Having already done an exclusive all-white snowflake tree, this one, I decided, had to have a star to top it off. So off I was, on the day before Christmas Eve, orbiting through every shop in town. Of course, there were stars everywhere to be found, but just not quite the right one.

Christmas Eve morning came around where my mother, daughter, and I enjoyed a cozy homemade brunch, and although my mother kindly attempted to convince me that it really wasn’t such a big deal, it must have been a rather blank stare she received, when all I could think of was the star to top our tree.

Once the breakfast table was cleared and my daughter was comfortably and intently reading books with her grandma, off I was again, scanning through stores at the speed and intensity of a shooting star. A small card shop set up for the season, I had somehow missed it the day before, so I entered and scanned right and left and then looked up. There it was. The perfect golden star. Not a glittery shiny polished golden star, this was a slightly tarnished but perfectly shaped gold star. It’s as though it had shot across the sky, rubbed against a few meteors or specks of coal, and had been left with only their dust and not a single dent.

Determined to bring it home with me, I almost dropped to the floor when the cashier said it was a store display and not for sale. I can’t recall if both eyes popped out of each orbit, or if I squinted to hold back tears, but after a lengthy conversation with the cashier (who happened to be the store owner and decorator), she explained that a new theme was being designed for the following year and had planned to donate many of the props, so she insisted I take the star with me.

Mission accomplished! Happy and excited to return home with a star, my mother and daughter stood back while I climbed up the short ladder to perch this golden wonder atop our sizeable (not tiny but not huge), starry snowflaked Christmas tree.

Jolted by an outburst of laughter, but luckily not thrown off the ladder, I turned to see my mother bent over and howling with laughter. I quickly solidified the star atop the pine branches and headed down the ladder. Standing back from where my mom was now in stitches, and my daughter in a ripple of giggles, she pointed up to the star and attempted to complete a sentence, “Look … hahahee! Star … haheeha!”

It took no time for me to join-in the contagion of laughter when realizing how humongous this star was, sitting atop our sizeable, but not very big tree.

Every Christmas after that, when the decorations were pulled out, laughter filled my heart every time I held that star. And even though my mother isn’t celebrating Christmas with me this year, and I don’t have that slightly tarnished yet perfect star, I can still hear her laughter as though she were here.

Reaching the end of today’s writing challenge, I realize how infrequently I applied the words selected to incite a writing spree. That’s okay, as mentioned before, this writing challenge isn’t all that severe or serious or rule-binding, it’s just meant as a fun past-time. Nevertheless, I’ll wrap it up with this:

No matter how big or small or shiny and sparkly or not, every star is different and unique and quite perfect just as they are.

The Christmas Countdown continues tomorrow with Verse 11. Double digits, double one’s, which word will be picked to focus on? Drop-in again and find out!

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