Dec 11 : recipe

December 11 : Verse 11

Verse 11 of Snowflake Kisses doesn’t seem to quite blend in with the snowflakes and stars of this poem. However, when looking back at Verse 9, it surely implies that it is a different and unique star that holds a recipe, but what kind of recipe could a star hold?

Is it a recipe for success? A recipe for happiness perhaps?

I sure hope so!

Other popular idioms, such as a recipe for trouble or a recipe for disaster are certainly a possibility, but before I get carried away with various possible plots, let me point out today’s obvious word choice:

The recipe for life, a recipe for love, this word is a solid ingredient for so many idioms! Resisting the temptation to cook up a segment about idioms and plots, today’s recipe will focus on Christmas.

Always a big part of festivities, but in the background and seldom seen, Christmas recipes make for so many memories. Whether it be dinner at the Christmas table followed by sweet deserts or snacks on Christmas Eve, recipes hold procedures and formulas to ensure certain outcomes.

Recipe exchanges are a popular thing at Christmastime, but some recipes hold secret ingredients that are rarely divulged – like my grandma’s tourtière. Although she once explained the process and technique to attain the light airy texture of a filling made of two different meats and a poultry simmered together for hours, the exact spices tantalizing the olfactory senses and tastebuds were tucked away on a page of her recipe book.

The complexities required to obtain a mouth-watering slice of turkey lined with a golden savoury crunch is only one of the reasons recipes are relied on. As for the timing and planning required to ensure that a massive bird in the oven is properly cooked while mashed potatoes and assorted vegetables on the stovetop all simultaneously reach the point to be safely and tastefully ingested involves science, knowledge, and a whole lot of experience.

The sweetness of baked goods is another culinary art requiring much attention and time. Whether it be cookies, squares, cakes, pies – the list is endless! Very much like my grandma’s grandiose and exquisite Christmas meal, there was always a variety of deserts to choose from coming from so many different Christmas recipes. However, rather than elaborating on the intricacies of baking, instead I’ll wrap-up today’s 11th Snowflake Kiss with this new poem – a French Christmas recipe translated to English:

please note: unable to access my reliable and trusted French translator checker (also known as my mother), please excuse, and feel free to point out, any inaccuracies in this French to English translation.

Will tomorrow’s 12th verse of the Christmas Countdown divulge a secret recipe ingredient? Drop-in for more Snowflake Kisses to find out!

Share a favourite recipe if you like, a sentence, a thought, or a poem about today’s word. Unlike recipes, there are very little instructions or directions in this writing challenge and there’s only one ingredient required – the word selected from each verse.

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