Dec 12 : snowflake kisses

December 12 : Verse 12

Yesterday’s verse highlighting the word recipe, was all about Christmas feasts – but this poem’s recipe is about Snowflake Kisses!

The 12th Verse rings in the 12th day of December – what does this equal to? We’re halfway through to Christmas!

Halfway through to Christmas, halfway through these verses, today’s featured word is, snowflake kisses:

A sweet combination of words that is not found together in English dictionaries, snowflake kisses are a fabrication of the imagination. Unlike snowflake babies (which can be found in Collins English Dictionary), a snowflake kiss is not a medical procedure, but it is a term that has been widely used overtime. When I wrote the poem in 2010, the thought behind Snowflake Kisses was meant to send heartfelt love during chilly times to a dearly loved one.

What do snowflake kisses have to do with recipes? Well, although while writing these lines, I certainly imagined what that might look like, it is meant as a metaphor, or perhaps thought of as an idiom.

The star that opened the third stanza of Snowflake Kisses, may very well be a person, or it could be a star that has been wished upon, but whatever this star is, it has the recipe to blend together love, happiness, and joy by whipping up snowflake kisses.

Today, being the end of another stanza and reaching the middle of the poem, I’m awarding myself with an afternoon off to enjoy the sun. Therefore, this segment’s a brief one. However, if you can’t get enough of these snowflake kisses, there’s a French translation to read through, and a small collection of poems gathered to count down the remaining 12 days of Christmas:

Tomorrow tumbles into the second half of Snowflake Kisses – be sure to drop-in for another snowflake kiss!

What does a snowflake kiss look like, taste like, or feel like to you? If you’d like to share your thoughts on todays word, enter a phrase, paragraph or poem in the Snowflake Kisses Writing Challenge:

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