Dec 13 : white

December 13 : Verse 13

The first half of the poem Snowflake Kisses introduces a shooting star and the possibility that snowflakes might not fall at Christmastime with the hope for snowflake kisses to be whipped up.

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Attempting to explain this whimsical poem written a decade ago isn’t really the intent of this countdown. But while faced with today’s verse, one that is filled with a flurry of fantastic words to choose from, I was clearly reminded of the frenzy of thoughts taking place when I wrote it.

As though a billion snowflakes had been released from a cloud, the flurry of thoughts and words going through my mind at the time, suddenly fell as silent as the snowfall outside.

Today’s word choice describes what that looked like. Today’s word is, white:

White noise silence – where echoes and resonance cease. Where a sense of peace and comfort preside.

As though white feathered angels rested atop white clouds, a fresh snowfall is one of the most peaceful sights and sounds I have ever witnessed.

The flurry of thoughts I had pondered for days while thinking of what I had yet to call Snowflake Kisses, cascaded through my mind as intricately and delicately as snowflakes.

Opening the box of Christmas decorations, I came across the drawing my daughter had given me several years before – a pencil drawing with a silver background for white snowflakes to fall on. The intensity and mix of emotions, I always shuffle through quickly whenever I think of or look at the image, but on that day, I paused and sat at the kitchen table and looked at the picture she had drawn while in the hospital.

Having survived the ordeal she had been through, and having grown into a healthy young woman, she was preparing to finish high school when I wrote the poem that seems to have been written for a child. But perhaps that’s because, from my perspective, that’s when our lives as mother and daughter mainly reside.

For days I pondered thoughts and words while at work, at the gym, and while shopping or cooking. Then the morning when I woke to the white noise sound of a snow-covered ground, I sat back in bed and every thought and word in my head crystalized. So I started writing.

I often considered rewording or reorganizing this poem for it to be clearer and for it to make logical sense. But when I recall the process it went through to become a poem, I prefer to respect and cherish it, just as it is.

a poem is like a person
take your time
read it slowly
soak in every line
then read it once again

exerpt from Becoming a Poem : 22 for you + one

Once again, having segued slightly of course, I didn’t entirely focus on the word selected today. I suppose if I was grading myself, I wouldn’t pass with flying colours. That’s ok. Considering how “white” was the word to focus on, I’ll give myself a high-flying white mark instead of a colourful one.

There is much to write about the word white, with more than three dozen individual descriptions, a blizzard of thoughts it ignites!

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