Dec 14 : dust

December 14 : Verse 14

The Christmas Countdown drops a new verse every day from the poem Snowflake Kisses, and today it’s a glittering verse with tremendous opportunity to fall into mythical dustings and fantasies.

Fairies, just like stars and snowflakes, take on many shapes and forms. This, combined with streaks of silver dust, can spark visions of shooting stars, reminding me of a question from Verse 6 which I’ve yet to address:

What if the dust particles to which vapour clings to while in the process of becoming a snowflake were remnants of a shooting star?

There was also a very different and unique Christmas Star in Verse 10:

The perfect golden star. Not a glittery shiny polished golden star, this was a slightly tarnished but perfectly shaped gold star. It’s as though it had shot across the sky, rubbed against a few meteors or specks of coal, and had been left with only their dust and not a single dent.

Tempted to select a word with the intent to exercise my imagination through limitless possibilities of fantasy, instead, I’ll focus on the common daily issues surrounding dust.

Today’s dusty topic isn’t about glittering dustings of snow or shiny dustings on silver bells, it’s about everyday dust that accumulates everywhere.

While the dictionary takes us through the various descriptions this word is applied to, Britannica’s encyclopedia leads us towards the stars and Wiki attempts to bring us back to earth.

Dusting dust tends to leave me dustier than when I started dusting.

My writing challenge for today is done!

I applied the word dust (not including this one) in its various forms and as headings (including in graphic inserts) a total of 19 times. Certainly, I could leave it at that for today, but there’s so much to be said about dust, therefore I’ll keep writing.


Results found when searching for dust (other than on the floor, shelves and countertops) is as endless as dust is everywhere and all around.

When entering the word in its simplest form, Encyclopedia Britannica immediately links to 10 results. From harmattan winds to health risks and disease, it also brings attention to how the solar system is immersed in it.

Unable to resist looking into the meteorological dust devil, I was instantly reminded of the red dirt devil I purchased one Christmas Eve when my vacuum cleaner broke down. Of course, there were thoughts of Charlie Brown’s buddy Linus with his dusty blanket and the Tasmanian Devil making an appearance on the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show. However, when I entered the stardust dimension of Britannica Encyclopedia, I was entirely captivated. Reading about stardust findings that were captured and returned to earth is certainly a fascinating topic. From how these dust particles were captured to the findings discovered from them – my attention was solidified as though it had been poured into concrete. However, when the topic of white light and halo effects having to do with producing high-resolution images while attempting to approach bodies such as a small silver target, the dusting of visions made it difficult for me to not float off into silver fairy dust angelic fantasies.

Of course, astronomy and meteorology are serious matters based on facts, not fantasy, and their dust findings should not be brushed off lightly or brushed under the rug. But what about earth’s dust? More specifically, the dust I sweep and Swiffer off surfaces every day?

Thankfully, Wikipedia’s take on dust somewhat brought me back to earth. Reminding me that the bulk of the dust I sweep through every day is made up of dead skin cells and other things such as plant pollens, textile fibers and soil minerals, as well as burnt meteorite particles … which only led me to think that I might be tossing a speck from a shooting star that might’ve been wished upon into the trash every time I sweep or dust.

If you made it through today’s 14th Verse focussing on the word dust, please remember that my notes are only writing exercises meant to express thoughts and shouldn’t always be taken too seriously. Never meant as a lesson or lecture, I do have to make one point: If you do wish upon a star, please don’t let it keep you from sweeping and dusting.

Discover the many matters and particles of dust – if the information found in these reliable sources incite you to write a piece of your own or to sweep the dust off the floor – enter your thoughts into the Snowflake Kisses Writing Challenge:

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