Dec 15 : imagination

December 15 : Verse 15

The 15th verse of Snowflake Kisses indicates that time might be ticking. With only ten sleeps left until Christmas Day and nine verses to this poem, this creative writing challenge has yet to wear me down.

Time could certainly lend itself well to today’s creative writing challenge, however, I’ll be focusing on a word closely related to the one featured in Verse 4.

Which word might that be? Imagination of course!

What better word could I possibly imagine when assigning myself to a daily creative writing challenge!

Imagination, a close friend to the word dream, these two easily intertwine when used to describe a certain state of mind. To have dreamy thoughts requires us to activate the imagination – a process also called thinking. But somehow, imagination is regarded by some as empty assumptions without much value while recognized by others as a mandatory component of critical thinking and resourcefulness.

Somehow, a line from a quick clip I read years ago has stuck in my mind over time. Although not quoted exactly how it was written, this is how I remember it: “He who is born in imagination begets all stars.”

Something along the lines of what Paracelsus relates to in his writings, the reason this line stuck, has to do with the image it ignited while reading some of his passages – a photograph of my mother and father, in their early years, that sent my imagination into overdrive when viewing it as a child.

As though their heads had been melded into one, the photographer created the appearance of transparency and connected the back of each of their heads to intertwine while each individual sphere was still clearly visible. A simple process and technique I suppose for professional photographers, I recall looking at it as a child while imagining how it could be possible for my mother and father’s brains to become entangled. I quickly summed it up without much thought, but simply through my imagination, as being how I was born. Of course, when I reached the age where I was old enough for my mother to explain the actual process of a child’s birth, it made much more sense than what I had imagined it to be. Imagining the process required for human reproduction wasn’t foremost on my mind, but I was somewhat relieved to know that intermingling brains while not crushing each others skull wasn’t required.

That’s it for today’s writing challenge! Although perhaps more of a memory or recollection, the word imagination (including this one) was applied in today’s write-up, a total of, correct me if I’m wrong: 18 times!

To wrap-up today’s segment neatly with an image powered by giphy, I thought I’d share how I’ll spend some time imagining Christmas in a place like this:

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