Dec 16 : gentle

December 16 : Verse 16

With a total of 24 verses to Snowflake Kisses, the 16th verse and 4th stanza means there are only 2 blocks and 8 lines to go!

Which do you prefer : verses and stanzas or lines and blocks?

Without a preference for either or neither, I tend to go back and forth or to and fro when referring to the grouping of words in a poem.

Meanwhile, thinking I could somehow segue into today’s word choice in the blink of an eye, I find myself struggling to move forward in a smooth and gentle manner.

Having selected the word blink for last year’s Christmas Countdown, this time around, I’ll focus on gentle:

Common denominators within the descriptions for the word gentle, there are few, but for now I’ll focus on its meaning – as in the gentle touch of the hand.

A gentle touch can be perceived as frail and weak, but it can also be thought of as delicate and sweet. A gentle touch can sooth and calm, and it can also caress fondly.

Tempted to slip into the love and romance side of things, which can easily be brought on by a gentle touch, instead I’ll focus on the kindness of a gentle touch. Not so much as a helping hand, but a supportive, caring, and loving one.

With the goal and intention to provoke and express positive thoughts throughout this writing challenge, forcing myself to block out the prevailing thoughts on a gentle touch, is causing a major writer’s block. Therefore, to clear the cache that’s built up in my mind, I’ll touch on it briefly and then move on.

More than two decades ago, when my father passed away, the only person with me was my very young daughter. Trying to remain composed so as to not upset her, she was quietly watching The Lion King when I heard the news through a phone call from my brother. I fiddled around doing this and that while keeping her close in sight, and when I sat back to watch the cartoon with her, it had reached the part where Simba’s father had passed. No longer able to hold back, several tears cascaded off my cheeks and onto my jeans. As quietly as I tried to sniffle the tears away, my daughter immediately but very gently headed my way.

Still too young to form full sentences, her words were very thoughtful and clear when she asked what was wrong and if I was okay. After explaining to her that my father had passed – just like Simba’s dad had, she gently placed her tiny hand close to my knee and consoled me by very gently and kindly saying, “s’okay mom, s’okay.”

I was so amazed by the kindness and understanding coming from such a young person, it immediately brought a smile to my face, just as it does every time I recall the day that my father died.

Once again, I suppose if I were rating or grading this writing challenge, I might be harsh on myself to have brought up such a sad thought, but instead, I’ll give myself a gentle high-five.

Wrapping up the fourth stanza, as I did with the last three, I’m including Snowflake Kisses in its French translation. Take a peek at this tongue twister for a snowflake kiss – en français, and scroll down for a Christmas song that reminds me of my dad:

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