Dec 18 : twelve

December 18 : Verse 18

6 sleeps until Christmas Eve.
6 days until Christmas Day.
6 verses left to Snowflake Kisses!

The 18th verse has math equations flowing through it sending my imagination into a numbers game. Therefore, even though eighteen doesn’t equal twelve, the common denominators from these two numbers has prompted me to select the word twelve:

Well into the 12th month of the year, six days ago, the Christmas song known as The Twelve Days of Christmas, led me to gather twelve poems which I have been delivering daily to count down my twelve snowy days before Christmas.

The 18th of December introduces the second half of this snowy countdown with a seventh poem called, Sublime Subtle Stillness. Counting down verses, days, and sleeps for the Christmas Countdown, all the while considering the inclusion of both, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I quickly realized that counting down twelve poems starting on the twelfth of December, does not lead to a Christmas Day arrival. The final poem arrives on the 23rd – the eve of Christmas Eve.

Obviously, we all know that the equation in this word clip is incorrect. One plus two, does not equal to today’s word, however, when the numbers one and two are put together, it does result in the number as it is spelled out.

I must admit, all of this numbering is not sending my mind into Sublime Subtle Stillness. Therefore, before I factor into denominators and square roots, I’ll step away from the calculated numerical side of the number 12. Even I am having a difficult time to keep track of this, but if you’re still following, I’ll switch the focus back to the 18th Verse of Snowflake Kisses to touch on why the word twelve was included in this poem.

There certainly was not much logic to the thought process when reaching the whimsical decision to include the number twelve in this poem. It was merely meant to indicate, in a very subtle and discreet manner, how the star of this poem wasn’t alone in carrying out wishes by introducing a number that is relevant to another individual not mentioned in the poem.

While revising Snowflake Kisses, a few hours after writing it, I realized the weight of responsibility this star might feel while pressured to deliver and realize all the wishes placed upon her. Including the number twelve (one of the numbers of my birth date), was simply meant to indicate that no matter how many wishes might be made or how long it might take – twelve seconds, twelve months, or twelve years – I was in it with her, always and forever.

Hmm. Perhaps it is easier to explain mathematical equations rather than attempt to explain the reason and logic behind why the word twelve is included in Snowflake Kisses!

Oh well, 6 sleeps until Christmas Eve, 6 days until Christmas Day, here’s the traditional version of The Twelve Days of Christmas sent to you with twelve snowflake kisses:

How many times was today’s word applied in its written form (not numerical), including the blue word clips but not from the 18th verse?

Here’s a quick tip: 2 x 12 = ?

If you made it through today’s writing challenge without having your head spin out of control from all of these numerical words – congratulations!

Enter a phrase, a paragraph, or a poem in the Snowflake Kisses Writing Challenge – the only prerequisite is that it be relevant to todays word, the number twelve. Oh, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be included six, twelve or twenty-four time, just once is fine:

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