Dec 21 : open

December 21 : Verse 21

Verse twenty-one of Snowflake Kisses opens the last stanza of this poem.

Only five sleeps left until Christmas Day, there are only 3 more windows to open to the Christmas Countdown calendar.

The last verse to be opened on Christmas Eve, I still can’t believe how this poem fits in for a December Christmas Countdown.

Already applied three times to today’s writing challenge – the word to focus on is open:

Even though the verse highlighting today’s writing challenge doesn’t refer to Christmas gifts, it is what I thought of when reading it on its own.

Clearly, what we’re opening, when referring to the Snowflake Kisses poem, is our eyes.

If you missed the beginning of this writing challenge – read through the eye-opening verses that have incited a daily writing spree every day since December 1st:

With only three verses remaining to Snowflake Kisses, I’m hesitant to open the next one, because it will bring me that much closer to the end of this Christmas Countdown.

Christmas gift opening certainly can be exciting and fun, expecially when young kids are around. The happiness and joy that lights up their eyes with every surprise of a gift, makes Christmas that much more precious and fun.

When no children are around, Christmas is still lots of fun, and over all, it’s no big secret that gift giving is as fun and exciting as gift opening.

The weekend before Christmas has always been the crunch time to get all gifts wrapped. Enjoying the wrapping as much as the opening, our Christmas tree was always filled with so many gifts just a week before Christmas, and with every visit to a friend’s house or when friends came around, presents were often exchanged, and a gift or two had left our home.

Of course there’s much more to the word open than having to do with Christmas gifts. So going back to today’s line, even though it implies to open only the eyes, I’ll open my mind and my heart to another Christmastime that will very soon have come and gone.

Would you like to open up and share a thought about today’s word, open?

Enter a phrase, a paragraph, or a poem in the Snowflake Kisses Writing Challenge – open to anyone with an open mind, entries are not graded or rated, and sadly, there are no prizes to be won or to be open – it’s all in good fun as we countdown the days until Christmas:

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