Dec 23 : stars

December 23 : Verse 23

Only 1 sleep until Christmas Eve and only one more day until Christmas Day!

Counting down sleeps or days until Christmas, with Verse 23 of Snowflake Kisses, it feels like it’s time for a drumroll!

Although I did bend the rules here and there throughout this writing challenge by picking more than one word or swaying off topic, I am adhering to the guideline set out to select both words, star and snowflake, every time they appear in a verse.

Many stars have been selected throughout the Christmas Countdown, but they have all been single stars. There was a shooting star on December 1st, and three separate stars appeared on the 8th, 9th, and 17th.

Now, if this was a competition, clearly, stars would be in the lead with five appearances, and the word snowflake would be behind with only three. But this isn’t a competition or a contest, and I have a hunch that stars and snowflakes will both be in the lead before Christmas Day is here.

The word star today, in its plural form, led me to board on a train of thought departing from my imagination station. Instead of focussing on facts and science, I allowed my mind to wander while looking at the world through a child’s eyes. It wasn’t a long train ride, but it’s one that I often embark on, and it’s always a fun journey and a pleasantly eye opening one.

To imaging what our night sky might look like if there was only one star to shine in it is a rather dark image to conjure. For only one star to light up the sky, the load of responsibility this star would bear, surely would send it shooting out of the sky from all the stress and pressure placed upon it. But more importantly, if there was only one star for everyone to wish upon, I just hope that a few people would wish for more stars to join it.

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