Dec 24 : snowflakes

December 24 : Verse 24

Merry Christmas Eve!

The final verse of Snowflake Kisses wraps up the Christmas Countdown and closes the poem with the gift of a wish come true. If you missed the other verses, tap on the image up above to view all six stanzas.

Highlighted in three other verses, the word snowflake was featured on Dec 3rd, 6th, and 12th. Some might think there may have been a calculated effort to include this word in such a numerical sequence, but there wasn’t.

The common denominators in which snowflakes appear, 3 / 6 / 12 / 24, is pure kismet. I hadn’t even noticed until I started today’s writing challenge!

Coincidence, kismet, serendipity – I think in this case, serendipity might be the best word to describe this numerical coincidence made from snowflake kisses.

The word star was also featured frequently throughout the countdown, and if this was a contest, perhaps stars would win first place for appearing in 5 verses. Then again, if we include the title of the poem, the word snowflake appears just as often and ties for first place!

Just as I hadn’t realized the serendipitous numerical sequence in which snowflakes tumbled into each verse, it wasn’t until I decided to feature this poem at Christmastime that I realized how perfectly it fit with a 24-day Christmas Countdown.

Also known as an Advent Calendar, when reaching the end of the Christmas Countdown last year, I toyed with the idea to change the final verse. Replacing “you” to include “everybody” certainly does have a nice ring to it. Including everybody to receive snowflake kisses could give the poem a sense of greater generosity. However, the poem was written with one specific person in mind, and I think it would lose its sincerity amidst a blizzard of whimsical snowflake kisses if I were to change it.

With that in mind, I do hope that anyone reading Snowflake Kisses thinks of it as having been written for them from a person they care for and love, therefore, I suppose snowflake kisses do end up being for everyone.

Whether stars are preferred to snowflakes, or English preferred to French, as with the previous five stanzas, here is Snowflake Kisses translated from English to French:

Thank you to everyone who took part in this Christmas Countdown – wishing everybody a very healthy and happy Christmas.

The Christmas Countdown is over but Snowflake Kisses linger – enter a phrase, paragraph, or poem expressing your thoughts on todays word, snowflakes:

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