Dec 4 : dream

December 4 : Verse 4

The fourth verse of Snowflake Kisses wraps up the first stanza of this poem. Congratulations! We made it to the end of the beginning!

Four lines per block and twenty-four verses in total, how many stanzas are in this poem?

Those who know me would get a chuckle out of my attempt to form a math puzzle. As interesting and fascinating as the science of numbers is, even as early as elementary school, I always had a penchant for words and languages.

Winning a contest I didn’t know I had even entered, much to my surprise, my Grade-1 composition was posted on the main bulletin board of the school. Early in the first year of high school, I was intrigued by intricate numerical equations that looked like foreign language, but the introduction of French verb conjugations sent my mind into melodic trances that left me daydreaming through math equations.

Once again, selecting a word from today’s fourth line, I vacillated like a pendulum between the word true and the word dream. To continue with the truth of mathematics or to wander into dreamy linguistics?

Obviously, I choose to dream!

The word dream offers fascinating and endless topics to ponder. From the wonders of the mind, whether interested in psychological theories shifting from left to right, or to consider dreams as a form of spiritual guidance or transcendental communication, the bottom line is, dreaming occurs in the mind, a human organ that functions and creates thoughts and images on its own while asleep, and can be exercised to do so while awake.

Wrapping up today’s segment of the Christmas Countdown is a tough one. I could go on and on about dreams and imagination, but for now, I’ll exercise my dreamy mind with this English to French translation:

Tomorrow introduces the fifth verse and the second stanza of Snowflake Kisses. It slightly moves away from wishes and dreams by starting with a seasonal query.

If you were inspired to jot down a note of your own while thinking of today’s dreamy word, consider including your creative inspiration with other Snowflake Kisses. Enter your thoughts or comments with a phrase, paragraph or poem in the Snowflake Kisses Writing Challenge:

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