Dec 5 : christmas

December 5 : Verse 5

The opening of Snowflake Kisses introduced a shooting star and a snowflake, and now, the fifth verse starting the second stanza brings another important subject to this poem – Christmas.

Today’s verse, when read on its own, sounds like a rather grim question.

Should there be a Christmas?

Should there ever be a Christmas?

Even though it’s considered grammatically incorrect to start a sentence or question with “So”, tomorrow’s sixth verse, might justify why I chose to do so. But for now, let’s get to today’s word – Christmas.

Although there is some debate as to the actual date of birth, December 25th is known and recognized as a Christian celebration for the birth of Jesus. It has been observed through various traditions and practices around the world for more than two millennia, and the winter solstice was celebrated centuries before the birth of the spiritual leader known as Jesus of Nazareth.

It is important for me to mention that Snowflake Kisses isn’t about the religious and traditional aspects of Christmas, but more so about snowflakes, stars, hopes and wishes. However, when going through some quick research on the word, it was difficult to tear myself away from its history and the amount of time spent reading about it has left me with little time to write about it!

Not only was I caught up reading about Christmas, but I’ve yet to decorate my tree! Which I’ll get to today, now that I’m done with this writing challenge.

What was the point of this writing challenge? Well, to start off, it’s not so much a challenge as it is an incentive. As I did last year, I once again challenged myself to pick a word from each verse from a poem I wrote many years ago to write a sentence, a poem, or anything about it.

Why did I choose to use the same poem as last year? For the same reason as other Christmas favourites – because I like occasional repetition when it evokes pleasant sensations.

Will tomorrow’s 6th verse enlighten what seems to lead to a Christmas that shouldn’t be? Drop-in for another Snowflake Kiss and find out!

But before you go, take a minute to add a Christmas thought of your own to today’s writing challenge:

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