Dec 6 : snowflakes

December 6 : Verse 6

Today’s sixth verse ties-in with yesterday’s 5th line, bringing the Christmas question that was pondered to not be as grim as it seemed.

“So should there ever be a Christmas where snowflakes do not fall?”

Likely considered grammatically incorrect, joining the fifth and sixth verse forms somewhat of a substantial question. Should I remove “so” from the beginning of this phrase for it to be properly worded? I don’t think so. I prefer to exercise my poetic license and keep it there.

Snowflake, a word previously highlighted in the third verse, is today’s featured word. The only difference is that it’s plural rather than singular:

When previously focussing on this snowy word, I elaborated on the sight of a single snowflake caught by a loved one’s eyelashes, but today’s sixth verse will focus on the masses of them and their formation. And to get back to the question posed from the fifth and sixth verse – just like Christmas should and will keep coming around, snowflakes too will fall – depending on where you live of course.

Britannica’s encyclopedia reminds us that only 23% of earth’s surface is covered permanently or temporarily by snow. It also indicates the latitudinal poles where snowflakes fall and mentions sea levels while pointing to mountaintops. Temperature comes into play and affects how a snowflake begins and developes, so does drier air vs humid air.

Once again, reading the amazing facts about this fascinating natural process, my imagination was swept off into snow drifts.

Visualizing chilly raindrops covered with a soft white feathery coat to keep them warm before leaving a cloud isn’t entirely incorrect and would certainly make for a cute tale. But what caught my attention is how miniscule dust particles can also transform into snowflakes, which led me to wonder – what if those dust particles came from a shooting star?

Do you have intricate and complex crystalized thoughts about todays snowflakes? Perhaps they’re frivolous and fanciful dustings of snow. Whatever it may be, there are no rules or boundaries to the Snowflake Kisses Writing Challenge.

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