Dec 9 : star

December 9 : Verse 9

If you couldn’t get enough of yesterday’s starry word, you’re in luck! Verse 8 and Verse 9 bring together two stars back to back!

Albeit not quite as eventful as the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, with so much to say about the word star, I’m thrilled, tickled, and twinkled to be writing about it again today!

The Toronto Star has reported that The Christmas Star will be seen on December 21, 2020.

Not only has the Toronto Star reported this, but many other papers and broadcasters also have. I just thought it made for a nice word play to apply to today’s featured word. Also, this Christmas Star is not really a star, it’s two planets lining up closely to one another which will create the biggest and brightest light in the sky.

This rare cosmic phenomenon, known as a conjunction, last occurred approximately 800 years ago, and isn’t expected to happen again until 2080. Weather permitting, the meeting of these to two giant balls of gas will be visible to the naked eye and will look like a double planet for those looking through a telescope.

The Christmas Star, also known as the Star of Bethlehem, is mentioned by Matthew in biblical accounts as leading three wise men to where Jesus was born. The star lighting the way for many is frequently seen on Christmas cards and I recall it quite vividly adorning the cover of a children’s book I once read every Christmas as a child.

Needless to say, all of this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenal information about stars had sparks flying through my brain like shooting stars! Selecting the word star from a verse highlighting how strong and magical it is, at a time when the Christmas Star will appear, was purely coincidental. But for today, I’ll chalk it up to being magical.

Tomorrow, we head into the double digits. The 10th Verse continues with the Christmas Countdown and there’s more about this strong and magical star – be sure to drop by for another Snowflake Kiss!

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