COLOUR : blissed

Selecting red tones for the colour scheme of sensualism is an obvious choice. Red is a stimulating colour known as the colour of passion and seduction that is said to enhance libido and metabolism as well as increase energy and enthusiasm.

Too much red has a tendency to incite anger and violence, and it is often associated with danger and evil. Choosing to focus on cupid rather than the devil, I opted for a deep red and a brighter one while playing with various degrees of translucencies to add softness.

The need for a darker shade is necessary for a sensual colour palette. Whether it be applied as a classic neutral tone for headlines or to create an air of secrecy and mystery to backdrops or images, when accompanied with a soft shade of grey that is almost white, the two together can seem quite ethereal.

Wrapping up this segment themed on sensualism, with Haloween just around the corner while I was deep into it, it was impossible to resist thoughts of dressing up!

A playful poem inspired by a French song that came along way before my time, I thought of adding colours, a sound bite, and an amusing image to go with it, but instead, I left it to bare words for readers to hear and see whatever the imagination pleases:

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